Standard File Layouts

The documents on this website explain Pershing’s Standard Files--outgoing files of standard sizes and formats delivered via nightly batch processes. Standard Files are raw data from all our applications providing all you require to gather information, generate reports, and directly feed your systems. Big data to help you manage and grow your business.

For an overview of the Standard Files Product, view this short video:

The Standard A-Z tab on the left includes detailed layouts for each standard file offered.

The Appendices tab includes documents referenced within various layouts listed under the Standard A-Z tab.

Available fields of the five most utilized Standard Files, noted in their web descriptions, are offered as real time messages as well. The link to intraday message layouts is found on the right under Content Aids.


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For immediate production issues, please call Pershing's Technology Help Desk: 888-878-3142 or 732-622-2150, option 4

For general questions, please email the Standard Files Operations group at:


Content Aids

Standard File Layouts Overview

Standard File Layouts Overview The Overview provides an introduction to Pershing Standard File Layouts including a description and the various methods by which standard files can be transmitted to your firm.

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