FYI: 2020 Freeze Dates

Pershing: December 6, 2020 to January 4, 2021

GFTS: December 13, 2020 to January 4, 2021

Due to BNYM year-end technology freezes and current SLAs for new FTP/infoDirect mailboxes, requests for Standard File destinations must be submitted as follows for fulfillment in 2020.



Date fully completed request must be submitted by for completion in 2020

Requests submitted after dates shown will be fulfilled after January 4, 2021
New infoDirect EOD, Monday, December 7, 2020
New SFTP Mailbox EOD, Friday, November 13, 2020
New NDM Destination EOD, Friday, November 13, 2020
SF Add to NDM Destination

EOD, Wednesday, November 30, 2020

NDM files may be deleted during freeze Period

SF Add/Delete on FTP and infoDirect Destinations As always, will be fulfilled in one business day

New infoDirect/SFTP mailboxes for test files on test server will be fulfilled as normal during the freeze period as will those for NDM destinations/test files from our XAT test region

Standard File Layouts

Layouts and documents listed under the Standard A-Z, IntraDay and Appendices tabs pertain to files containing data for our Brokerage line of business or those that contain data from and related to multiple lines of business. Other tabs host layouts for files containing data specific to the line of business indicated only.

Contact Us

For immediate production issues, please call Pershing's Technology Help Desk: 888-878-3142 or 732-622-2150, option 4

For general questions, please email the Data Delivery group at:

For file content questions, email Standard Files Project Management:

Content Aids

Standard File Layouts Overview

Standard File Layouts Overview The Overview provides an introduction to Pershing Standard File Layouts including a description and the various methods by which standard files can be transmitted to your firm.

Delivery and Configuration Aids